The Proper Way to Use a Toothpick Without Harming Your Mouth


It may seem like a trivial item, you should know that there really is a proper way to use a toothpick that is safe and effective. A toothpick will dislodge any food items that may be stuck in your teeth. A toothpick really should be used with caution in order to avoid causing harm. You most likely will not see a caution sign on a box of toothpicks. The ordinary toothpick has many uses. You will find out the proper way to use one without hurting or harming your mouth in any way.

There is a Time and Place

There really is a time and place for using a toothpick. It must be common knowledge that a toothpick is certainly not a substitute for flossing your teeth or brushing them. If you are out to eat at a restaurant, you will not have access to a toothbrush or dental floss. You may discover that you have food trapped within your teeth. This would be a time and a place to use a toothpick. This ought to be used with caution because if it is used in an aggressive manner, it can actually cause damage to your tooth enamel. When using a toothpick, use a gentle approach so that you do not harm your mouth. There are good reasons to use a toothpick slowly and carefully.

A Battle Against Tooth Decay

The common toothpick is considered to be a tool against tooth decay. Every tool can cause damage if it is used incorrectly. When used in an aggressive manner, the following may occur:

  • A broken tooth can be the result of aggressive use
  • You may even lacerate your gums if improperly using the toothpick
  • You may even wear the roots of your teeth

The toothpick is very useful in the battle against tooth decay. It is important to not use it in an overzealous manner. Use a toothpick softly and do not substitute for good oral care. This is an effective tool that will play a role in preventing tooth decay.

Wooden and Plastic

Every person will benefit from a wooden toothpick or a plastic toothpick. When either of these are used carefully and gently, there will not be any damage to your mouth. It will not matter what the material is made out of. There is very safe ways to use a toothpick whether it is wooden or plastic. There are also many ways to cause harm to your mouth with this ordinary dental tool. When you take your time, you will discover that you can effectively use the ordinary toothpick and fight tooth decay.

A Greater Frequency of Use

The toothpick ought to be used in a balance style. This means that a greater frequency of the use of a toothpick may result in damage to your gums. Your best bet it to not over-use this tool. A chronic use will not be necessary for the average person. The toothpick should be used at the right time and the right place. Gentle and smooth will prevent any harm to your mouth.

Nadia Kiderman is an oral health specialist from New York.

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