Prevalence and Trends of Peridontal Disease in US Adults

illustration of periodontal disease

There are a large amount of adults that have periodontal disease. This is due to many different reasons. This article will discuss the issues that affect why so many adults have periodontal disease.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease affects the gums and they get infected. When they swell and move away from the teeth, the teeth can loosen and fall out. It’s important to prevent periodontal disease for this reason.

Poor Dental Hygiene Is One Reason Why They Have Periodontal Disease

Many adults have poor dental hygiene. They might not brush and floss their teeth everyday because they are too busy. It’s important that they remember to practice brushing and flossing on a regular basis so they can avoid getting periodontal disease.

Many Adults Have Poor Diets And This Can Help Cause Periodontal Disease

When people are busy and their schedules are hectic, they might not have the time to eat properly. They should make sure that they are eating three meals a day that are healthy in order to get the proper nutrients so they can stop themselves from getting periodontal disease. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will allow them to get the correct amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which will help to keep the gums healthy.

Poor Exercise Routines Is Another Reason Why They Have Periodontal Disease

Many adults don’t get the right exercise. They become sluggish and get overweight. This can lead to problems that can assist in the development of periodontal disease. Adults should get plenty of exercise in any way that they enjoy it, like dancing, jogging or walking. They should exercise at least three times a week to make sure that they are doing what they can to stay fit and healthy.

Periodontal Disease Can Also Be Affected By Large Amounts Of Stress

Stress in most cases, can’t be avoided, but people should make sure that they minimize the effects of too much stress by getting enough good rest. They should also try to remain calm even though they might be having more problems than they can handle. Too much stress in a person’s life can lead to health problems and periodontal disease.

Medications Is Another Reason Why Adults Have Periodontal Disease

Medications can cause a lot of changes in a person’s body. This can affect the gum tissue and cause periodontal disease. They should make sure that they are not taking unnecessary medications and to only take the ones that the doctor prescribes for them.

Knowing what periodontal disease and how to prevent is what helps many adults to not develop it. They should make sure they practice good dental hygiene, have a good diet and exercise routine, reduce stress and avoid taking too many medications if possible. Having good healthy gums is necessary for adults in order for them to continue to keep their original teeth so they should do what they can in order to keep their gums as healthy as possible.

Dr. Nadia Kiderman DDS is an oral health specialist from New York, NY.

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