Dentistry- All You Need To Know

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Dentistry is a branch of modern day medicine mainly concerned with a patient’s oral care, including gums, teeth and oral mucosa and is thought to be the first specialization in the field of medicine. Find out more tips about dental care with Nadia Kiderman blog.

Contrary to popular belief, the study of dentistry is not limited to the treatment and repair of one’s teeth but is also greatly associated with nervous function of the mouth and head, prevention of infections throughout the oral region and detection and prevention of certain symptoms of diabetes. This is due to serious gum diseases including gingivitis and periodontitis being able to hamper the blood glucose control in a patient’s body.

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Tips for Greater Dental Hygiene

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Dental hygiene is very important just like the hygiene of your entire body. When you stay clean, then you are less likely to catch diseases the same is true in the case of dental health. If you want to have amazing white teeth free from cavity or decay, then it is important to keep them clean. Find out more about dental care with Nadia Kiderman blog. Clean teeth help induce greater confidence in you and help you enjoy a better social life. If you have pearly white teeth, then you are most likely to leave a better impact on employers, management, friends and of course your significant others.

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4 Signs you have a Good Dentist

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Choosing the right dentist makes a lot of difference to your personal health. After all, it’s a matter of your mouth and teeth. When you choose a dentist for yourself, the first thing you notice is his professional training to make sure your teeth are in the hands of a professional. The dentist focuses on what to do with your teeth to enhance their beauty and health. Patients invest their time and money to get the services of a good dentist. The best dentists strive to make you his long-term patient with his services. Therefore, there are certain signs that you should keep in mind when you start visiting your new dentist to make sure he is a trained professional and his services are reliable:

1.     Respects the Time of a Patient:

A good dentist acknowledges the fact that his patients are spending their money for his services. He is well aware of the facts that they take out time from their busy lives to avail the services. Most of the times, the dentist treatments are too expensive. Therefore, a patient who is investing both; his time and money for a dentist expects some respect for them in return. When you visit your new dentist for the first time, notice if he jumps to levy a treatment or he takes your time properly to make you comfortable with the new environment.

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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Morsicatio Buccara (Cheek Biting)

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Morsicatio buccarum or cheek biting is a condition in which people have the habit of biting their inner cheeks or the buccal mucosa of the cheeks. There are many causes of the unfortunate condition that can be prevented. Cheek Biting may be caused by a sharp pointed teeth when a patient may chip a part of their teeth while eating a hard food that requires deep biting. People may also accidentally bite their cheeks while carelessly chewing as shift their attention to other activities such as reading a book or talking to someone on the phone while eating.

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Is Tea Tree Oil Effective in Treating Dental Infection?

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Brush, floss and rinse. That all sounds so simple, and yet many of us skip one or two of these key steps when it comes to good oral care. Athough we never think about it, our teeth and gums are like a married couple; the two are together for several reasons. The pink flesh of our gums is delicate tissue that surrounds our teeth, holding them in place. Our teeth show off a white attractive enamel, but underneath the shell lies living tissue full of nerves and blood vessels.

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The Proper Way to Use a Toothpick Without Harming Your Mouth


It may seem like a trivial item, you should know that there really is a proper way to use a toothpick that is safe and effective. A toothpick will dislodge any food items that may be stuck in your teeth. A toothpick really should be used with caution in order to avoid causing harm. You most likely will not see a caution sign on a box of toothpicks. The ordinary toothpick has many uses. You will find out the proper way to use one without hurting or harming your mouth in any way.

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Consequences and Prevention of Thumb Sucking in Children

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Thumb sucking is common in young children and toddlers; however it may at times be found in adults as well. This behavior is normal and the urge to suck generally decreases after around six months, although it is not uncommon for children below four years to suck their thumbs. However, thumb sucking becomes a concern if it persists past 5 years. This is because it may lead to developmental problems in the teeth and subsequent speech.

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Link Between Human Papillomavirus and Oropharyngeal Cancer

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Human papillomavirus is no laughing matter. This sexually-transmitted disease affects 20 million Americans, and assumes various sinister forms. Though HPV most commonly manifests in the form of obnoxious warts and cysts, some afflicted individuals assume a different sort of risk by displaying no symptoms at all. More recently, studies have revealed a new, equally troubling by-product of the Human papillomavirus.

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